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A Berry Sweet Cake

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A Berry Sweet Cake




Just an obnoxious little drive-by post to show some shots (and a few poorly lit photos) of a three tiered birthday cake I made for an adorable 3 yr old!  The top tier of the cake is strawberry cake, filled with ganache and iced with Swiss Meringue buttercream before getting a blanket of rolled fondant.

I’ll confess that I had far too much fun designing this wee little house for the birthday girl’s “berry” favorite character, Strawberry Shortcake!   I would have absolutely swooned over a cake like this when I was a little girl, so I was definitely channeling my inner 6 year old while creating it.  Were you a fan of Strawberry Shortcake, once upon a time?

Okay, raise your hand if you kind of want to knock on that wee door and step inside for a “berry sweet” visit and perhaps a cups of tea with one Miss Shortcake.

The two bottom tiers were strawberry cake (recipe HERE) frosted with my own strawberry cream cheese buttercream (let me know if you’d like the recipe) and accented with rolled fondant dots, sweet strawberries and a swirly, sculpted number 3.

And now for the slightly-offensive-to-the-eyese, very poorly lit shots.  Apparently I have no shame.


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  1. She STILL talks about that cake!! (And still tries to use it as a bargaining tool…)

  2. You, my friend, a very very talented.

  3. Gah:: yes, I did forget to add the “re” to are before I hit reply. ;)

  4. I am in awe! You are amazingly talented!

    Your children are blessed to have a mum that can DO that and WOULD take such precious time to do that for them to create such beautiful memories.

    Your blog is my bible – thank you!

  5. AWESOME. Strawberry Shortcake was one of my FAVES growing up and I kinda want that cake for my next birthday.

    P.S. I still have my Strawberry Shortcakes in a box at my mom’s house and they STILL have Strawberry smell!


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