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Pumpkin Layer Cake with Brown Sugar Buttercream

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So, the thing is, I made this cake last week after days of poring over recipes and flavor combinations and thinking through exactly which components and ingredients and mixing methods might make the very best pumpkin layer cake.  (It must be CAKE rather than glorified pumpkin BREAD!  It should be light and fluffy but still very moist and deeply pumpkin-y. The spices should accent the pumpkin flavor rather than overwhelm it.  And the frosting needs to be nutty and assertive enough to complement and stand up to the intense flavors of the cake!)

And then, just as I finished licking the plate  eating the last bite of my first piece, I opened up my Google Reader to discover that one of my favorite bloggers had already baked, photographed and posted a very similar cake.  The major differences between my cake and hers being that she is, you know, wildly talented, very successful and has MAD photography skillz.  And her cake is, per usual, absolutely flawless in appearance.  So all of a sudden my “brilliant” idea for a spicy, fluffy, sweet brown sugar frosted pumpkin (okay, hers was sweet potato,but still) layer cake seemed a little late to the party.

But since I’d already taken the photos and written up the recipe, my husband convinced me to share it here anyway.  After all, great minds,or should I say bakers, think alike…right?  I hope?

*Confession*  I haven’t had the chance to type up the recipe for the cake, dark brown sugar syrup or brown sugar buttercream but it’s written down (i.e. chicken-scratched) on a piece of paper in my kitchen.  Feel free to comment here or email me directly if you’d like me to send it to you!

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  1. this cake was amazingly delicious! thank you so much for sharing!

  2. Please send me the recipes!

  3. Stephanie Erwin

    I would also love to try this yummy sounding recipe :)


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